Committed to Your Health

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

The staff at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation are committed to delivering the highest level of care and service to you and your family. Located in Texas City, Texas, we provide a full range of clinical and rehabilitation services, from skilled nursing, long-term and short-term care, physical, speech, and occupational rehabilitation in a comfortable and home-like environment.

Texas City ISD Brings Joy to Easter Celebration with Smiles and Activities

Texas City ISD students spread Easter cheer by hand-delivering letters to residents, bringing joy to homes throughout the community during the holiday season.

Therapy Dogs Brings Joy to Residents

Are you aware that petting a dog or cat can bring peace and happiness and decrease stress levels? Senior citizens and individuals with debilitating illnesses can benefit from interacting with therapy animals in many ways.

Success Story – Feb – Carolyn Glover

Success Story“I like to help others, and it feels good to see them happy.”Ms. Carolyn Glover is a long-term resident at Solidago health and rehabilitation. Ms. Glover needed the help of Solidago's rehab team to help her with balance and flexibility. Before therapy,...

Success Story – Jan – Annie Worley

Success Story“I enjoy therapy because it helps me feel better and it also makes my pain go down.”Ms. Annie Worley is a long-term resident at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation. After having COVID, Ms. Worley became weak and needed the assistance of Solidago's...

Success Story – Nov – Mr. Delgado

Mr. Delgado, a resident at Solidago Nursing and Rehabilitation, was referred to therapy to address weakness and limited mobility while using his prosthetic leg. With his dedication, hard work, and direction from our amazing therapy team Mr. Delgado is walking with a rolling walker throughout the facility and is transferring without caregiver assistance.